Starline Security Installation specialists

There is no point in installing 1980s analogue security into modern DIGITAL vehicles

Starline is the fastest growing authority on vehicle security in the uk to both private car and commercial vehicle owners.

Starline’s technology offers a fully digital security solution to the majority of vehicles on the UK’s Roads today, no longer are we relying on 1980’s analogue security solutions to provide security on the latest fully digital vehicles.

Boundary Car Care are the North West’s leading supplier and installer of Starline alarm and security systems.

Starline are continuously through their vast research and development department updating their products in order to ensure reliable and up-to-date protection of any vehicle, with the latest installer information Boundary are always one step ahead of the criminals. With a large product offering we are sure we can put together the perfect security system for your vehicle.

Starlines 6th generation vehicle security systems are very adaptable, responsive and highly customisable. Thanks to 2CAN/2LIN interface present in all of our current products, they will adapt to almost any vehicle, ensuring seamless integration and minimal intrusion into the original wiring; the system will function as though it is native to the vehicle.

All Starline systems can be upgraded with optional components, so, essentially, customers can design their own vehicle security package taking into account their individual preferences and their vehicles risk factors. As Starline approved partners, Boundary are trained to offer every assistance in choosing the right package.


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£ 499 FITTED Inc VAT
  • Door, Boot & Bonnet protection. Also van load area protection
  • Tilt, Shock and motion sensors
  • Single point engine immobilisation
  • Blue dash mounted status LED
  • 120db Siren
  • Starline bluetooth app with alarm
  • Immobilisation through Data Bus


£ 895 FITTED Inc VAT
  • Door, Boot, bonnet and van load area protection
  • Tilt, Shock and motion sensors
  • 2 points of engine immobilisation
  • Blue dash mounted status LED + Blue A Pillar LED's
  • Subscription free realtime tracking
  • Starline Bluetooth App with alarm control & notifications
  • 2 x Bluetooth tags


£ 1250 FITTED Inc VAT
  • Door, boot, bonnet and van load area protection
  • Tilt, Shock and Motion Sensors
  • 2 points of engine Immobilisation
  • Subscription free realtime tracking
  • Starline Bluetooth App with alarm control & notifications
  • 2 x Bluetooth tags
  • Remote Engine Start

Some of the key elements of the Starline Security products

Can-Bus Blocking

By blocking the can bus, without the Tags, Phone app or entering the code using your preset console buttons the vehicl will not start.

Warn Away

Should anyone come up to the window of the vehicle and try to look in then the van will sound the siren to warn that they are 2 close.

Phone and Text

If the alarm is activated then it phones and texts the owner and also sends a push notification to the mobile app, that way you know straight away.

Horn Honk

If the alarm is activated the siren will go off, followed a few seconds later by the Vehicles horn joining in. Nice and loud, just as an alarm should be.

Smart Phone App

Activate the alarm, remote start, track and look at your vehicles diagnostics all from the custom built smartphone app.

Remote start

Start the vehicle whilst still inside on a cold winter’s morning, no risk as the vehicle remains locked, can auto start if battery voltage drops too low.

Car Jacking

Vehicle is taken it loses connection to the tags / Bluetooth App, the alarm and horn will go off and the engine switch off next time the vehicle stops.

Keyless Entry Protection

If someone steals your keys the vehicle still will not start without seeing the bluetooth tags / mobile app or you input the custom code.

Subscription free Tracking

Starlines GSM/GPS-GLONASS Advanced tracking in subscription free, see where the vehicle is live on the app or any internet connected device.

Smart Driving

The tracking solution also has smart driving built in, See how people who drive your vehicle treat it, perfect for mum and dad who let the kids drive.


Through the app you can look at  vehicle diagnostics and see if there are any problems that you should get looked at.

Door Peel Protection

Door sensors protect the load doors of vans against forced entry and peeling to stop the ever increasing theft from trade vehicles

Some features are additional upgrades on the standard alarm. Not all features are available for every vehicle. Please contact us to discuss compatibility with your vehicle.

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