If it's a Leather, Cloth or Vinyl seat we can repair it

Whether your seat is ripped, torn, has a cigarette burn or other fault our Upholstery department can repair it whether that seat is from a Car, Van, Truck, Forklift, Site Machinery, Bus, Coach, Truck and we have previously even repaired aeroplane seats, whatsmore we can repair seats in any material, colour and pattern matched.

Leather Seat Repairs

We can repair rips, tears or cigarette burns in your leather seats including rips caused by air bags going off. All materials can be colour matched and we can replace everything from single panels to complete seat sections depending on what is required.

Cloth Seat Repairs

There are a lot more material designs in cloth seats and they take some matching but we are normally very succesful. From Rips, Tears and Cigarette burns Boundary can replace everything from individual panels to complete sections depending on whats required.


To discuss the repair of any seat please either call us on  01744 813282 or email info@boundarycarcare.co.uk