The Engine Runlock System & Installation in St Helens

We have used the image of emergency service vehicles as this is one of the major uses of the engine runlock system.  The system can also be used on a range of vehicles where power may be required to run auxiliary items such as Beacons, lights, work equipment, recovery equipment Where you need to leave the engine running to make sure that you will not run out of power. 

The engine runlock system allows you to leave the engine running and remove the keys, if someone tries to get in and move the vehicle without the keys in the ignition then the vehicle would cut out on either the handbrake being released or the clutch peddle being pressed. 

How the system is operated

When the runlock system is installed a new button is added to the vehicles dashboard to turn the runlock on, at all other times the vehicle operates as normal.

When you wish to leave the engine running, press the runlock button, remove the keys from the ignition and exit the vehcicle. If you are just leaving warning beacons etc running then you can also lock the vehicle.

When finished, simply get back in the vehicle, insert the keys and turn the ignition to the on position and drive away and the runlock system will automatically turn itself off. As stated before if you try to move without putting the keys back in the engine will automatically cut out.

Engine Runlock Installation

Installing runlock to your vehicle is a technical installation which needs to be carried out in our workshop.  Pricing differs across the range of both manufacturers and models so to receive a price for your vehicle please request a quote.


If you have any questions or would like a quote for a runlock system on your vehicle please call us on 01744 813282 or email info@boundarycarcare.co.uk