External signage solutions from Boundary


Cleverer people than us state that is the amount of time you have to catch someone’s eye and create a great first impression. Why do the massive businesses spend massive amounts of time effort and money on their branding, signs, business interiors, stationary, websites? Because they understand that concept, you have 3 seconds to catch their eye and grab their attention before that potential customer is lost.

Now think about your business be it a shop, restaurant, sandwich shop, butty wagon or something else if it is already branded does it catch the eye and draw your attention in 3 seconds, maybe it is worth asking your customers!

Without breaking the bank, Boundary Graphics can design, manufacture and install the graphics for any shop, restaurant, food outlet, factory or really any other business that you would like to brand. We can tie designs into your other promotional material whether that your website, stationery, vehicles or even facebook page.

Our design team will work with you to produce the signs that your vehicle deserves on a wide range of substrates to fit any location. If you really want it to pop, take a look at our LED Lightbox solutions.

Illuminated Signs

Really help your business stand out with one of our Illuminated signs

Flat Panel Signs

The fastest and most cost effective way to brand your shop, factory, warehouse etc

Stand Off Lettering

Give your sign a little bit of class with our range of stand off lettering

Take a look at the sign solutions we provided to Powerlift Materials Handling

Post & Panel Signs

Looking to signpost your business, our post and panel signs will show customer where you are

Direction Signs

Looking to signpost different parts of your site then our direction signs are a brilliant option

Window Signs

From digitally printed graphics for window displays to frosted and etched glass design solutions

External signs fitted at HW Moon with some building wrapping as well


For all of your sign and graphics enquiries please call us on 01744 813282 or email info@boundarycarcare.co.uk