Vehicle immobiliser installers in St Helens

Boundary install a wide range of vehicle immobilisers from a number of manufacturers dependent on the requirements of each customer. If it is available for your vehicle then we would recommend the Autowatch Ghost 2 be installed, if that does not work for you then one of these systems below will fit your requirements.

If you’re not quite sure what you need for your vehicle then please contact us and our team can advise you on your options.

For ease of use the Laserline Guardian ADR Immobiliser launched in April 2020 is the best on the Market! The ADR Tags sat in their leather pouch keyrings switch on when they are moved and turn off 10 minutes after to save battery life mean that when you get in the vehicle the immobiliser is automatically turned off and as soon as you get out and the vehicle can no longer see the tag it turns on, Simplicity at it’s finest. Please see details to the right and contact us for more information / to book an installation.

Laserline Guardian ADR

Latest high quality product from Laserline
£ 295 Inc Fitting & Vat
  • 2 Long range random code ADR Tags
  • Tags shut of after 10 minutes of non movement
  • 2 Immobilisation relays with 20amp capacity
  • Automatic disarm once the unit sees the ADR Tag
  • No customer interaction required to arm / dis-arm
  • Flashing status LED
  • Secure touch key override if tag is misplaced
Best Seller

Laserline 921k

Thatcham Category 2 touch key Immobiliser
£ 199 Inc Installation and Vat
  • Touch key immobiliser
  • Two random code disarm touch keys included in package
  • Pin code override facility
  • Automatic dual circuit immobilisation
  • Flashing LED

Laserline 921t

Thatcham Category 2 transponder Immobiliser
£ 199 Inc Installation and Vat
  • Transponder immobiliser
  • One credit card type and one key ring type transponder
  • Pin code override facility
  • Automatic dual circuit immobilisation
  • Covert transponder reciever for greater security


If you have any questions or would like to discuss compatibility with your vehicle please call us on 01744 813282 or email