The StarLine E66 has a whole host of advanced functions & features designed to protect your vehicle in many ways.
Designed to integrate into the data-bus systems of modern vehicles, the E66 is both easy to use & highly efficient at doing its job.
Vehicles with ‘keyless-go’ will benefit most from this type of security system, as it protects against keyless ‘relay theft’ & ‘key cloning’ attacks. These theft methods are very common on high end makes of car, such as Audi, BMW, & Range Rover, but also on sporty models like the Ford Focus ST/RS, the Fiesta ST & the Fiat 500 / Abarth 595.
As much as the E66 is designed with modern, data-bus controlled vehicles in mind, it is equally matched to being installed in any type of car, regardless of age. There are many Classic cars now protected by a StarLine security system.
With built in tilt, shock & motion sensors the E66 can detect any unlawful attempt at gaining entry to the vehicle. With its multiple layers of security, including extra engine immobilisation points, the E66 will make any thieves job much harder, while keeping operation simple for you, the driver.
If your vehicle already has remote central locking fitted, using the factory remote to lock/unlock the doors will also arm/disarm the E66 security system. But, it will only fully disarm if either a paired BT phone or StarLine BT tag is present. Also, the engine will only start if the phone/tag is present.

As standard, the E66 has the following features…

Door, Boot, Bonnet & van load area protection

Tilt, Shock and motion Sensors

120db Siren

Starline bluetooth app with Alarm Control

Single point engine immobilisation protection

Blue dash mounted status LED

2 Bluetooth Tags

Fast and Safe installation through the Vehicles Can-Bus

Boundary can also add the following features to this system on some vehicles if the customer requires them 

Extra engine immobilisation points

Engine Immobilisation via the Data bUS

long range 2-way pager remote

Driver ID pin code entry using original dashboard / steering wheel buttons

Anti-hijack (remotely stop the vehicles engine after it has been stolen. Will not restart)