Parking Sensors

If you have purchased a vehicle without rear parking sensors and wish you had them, don’t suffer any longer. We can supply and fit front and/or rear parking sensors to make your driving experience as easy as possible

The parking sensors can be colour coded to your vehicle and we fit them using the manufacturers set positioning so you are guaranteed to keep the ‘factory fitted’ look

What are Parking Sensors and how do they work?

Parking Sensors are made up of 4 small sensors mounted into your vehicle bumper. A cutting tool is used to ensure an exact size hole is cut in the bumper and the sensor can then sit flush with the bumper

Parking Sensors emit radio or ultrasonic waves that bounce off of objects in front or behind the vehicle. The returning waves are then registered and analyzed by a computer inside your vehicle. By measuring the time it took the wave to return to the sensor as well as any changes in the length or spectrum of the wave, the computer can determine the size and relative proximity of the object behind you. If the wave returns quickly, then the computer knows that something is close to the vehicle and emits an alarm signal.

Since this system relies on the use of sound waves, there are cases when the sensor cannot properly detect objects near you. For example, some surface types can interfere with how sound waves reflect, or, if an object is too narrow or small to reflect sound waves, your sensor will not see it. Excess dirt and grime on the sensors themselves can also contribute to a lack of detection.

Main Dealer Recommended

We supply and fit parking sensors as well as a variety of other jobs for many of the main dealerships in the area including – Warrington Audi, Trust Ford St Helens, Trust Ford Warrington, Arnold Clark St Helens, Middlehurst Nissan, Chapelhouse St Helens, Rybrook Jaguar and Rybrook Volvo.