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Stop your vehicle being stolen by having an OBD Port protector installed

OBD Protector stops theives using the OBD Port to clone keys and steal your vehicle.

The On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port is the portal to the vehicle’s information and generally required to provide access to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) or brain of a vehicle during maintenance and servicing. This is where your service agent will plug their computer/diagnostic machine in to run diagnostics and carry out updates or checks on your vehicle.

Most vehicles taken without keys are stolen using devices which plug into the OBD port. These intelligent devices hack the brain of the vehicle and are able to bypass the vehicle’s integrated security protocols. This is genuine industry hardware used in a sinister way by a thief, it is not illegal to own these devices nor for companies to sell them, furthermore there is no licencing required or checks to confirm the legitimacy of buyers. This equipment is readily available through multiple resellers online.

Most of these devices are pre-programmed so that when they plug into a vehicle, the alarm is turned off during the hacking process. Once hacked these devices usually then program a new key or trick the vehicle into thinking the key is already present. In many instances, this process can take less than 30 seconds before the thief can drive the vehicle away.

Another major issue facing the automotive industry as vehicles become more connected and integrated into owners lives is the threat that sensitive personal information stored in the vehicle may also be hacked and stolen using the same process and access through the OBD port.

OBD Port Protector


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What is Protector/How does it work?

Protector is an innovative hardware solution which permanently integrates into the vehicle without the need to cut into the wiring and designed specifically to protect a vehicle’s OBD port.

It works by stopping the information travelling to the OBD port and therefore prevents a thief from accessing it, effectively closing the OBD port whilst Protector is armed.

Think about an electronic safe being securely fitted on the end of the port. When armed the safe is closed and locked, retaining all of the valuable information in the vehicle. When unlocked and open everything is available. To turn off the system open the safe you will need the OBD Port Activation Card.

Portector provides the owner with the authorisation as to whom gets access to the vehicle’s information with OBD Port Authorisation Cards. These cards are required to temporarily switch off Portector and allows full access to the vehicle. It does not prevent any regular servicing/maintenance or other work being carried out on the vehicle providing the owner authorises such work by presenting their card.

Portector utilises a range of bespoke wiring looms to seamlessly integrate into a vehicle. This ensures the correct fitment every time, without the need to cut into the vehicles wiring.

Put it simply

Protector protects against the most commonly known methods used by the modern day thieves to steal a vehicle.

Product Testing

Portector is Thatcham Quality Assured (certificate number TQA511). This means it has been fully independently tested to meet the industry standards for security and quality.

It passed and exceeded testing for both opportunist and professional theft attack methods.

Portector has been fully independently tested to ensure when fitted, it does not have any negative affect on a vehicle.