Audio Upgrade in our Golf mk7

In the boot

A custom made sub enclosure complete with Audison AV5.1K amplifier, Audison VOSE AV10 Subwoofer and an Audison Bit 10D.

Green LED strips were inserted between each section to break up the size of the boot floor.

We removed the spare wheel to give extra space for the sub enclosure.

The Audison Bit 10D allows you to keep the original head unit without losing any sound quality like you would if speaker to RCA converters were used. It processes and cleans up the sound before feeding it into the amplifier which then sends the processed sound to the door speakers, tweeters and sub. All these components working together, produce an amazing sounding audio system that is completely hidden and keeps the original factory look.

  • » Channels 5 (A/B/C)
  • » RMS Power @14.4V @4 ohm 75×2/A + 140×2/B + 600×1/C
  • » RMS Power @14.4V @4/4/2 ohm 75×2/A + 140×2/B + 1000×1/C
  • » RMS Power @14.4V @4/2/2 ohm 75×2/A + 250×2/B + 1000×1/C
  • » Single Coil Subwoofer Size 250 mm (10″)
  • » Power Handling 800W
  • » Continuous Power 400W Peak Power
  • » Impedance 4 Ohm
  • » Frequency Response 30 � 1k Hz
  • » Sensitivity 91 dB/SPL
  • » Magnet High Density Flux Ferrite
  • » Dome Cotton-Fibre pressed paper with Light Damping treatment
  • » Xmech 23 (7/8″)
  • » 32 bit DSP
  • » Automatic De equalisation
  • » 31 Band Graphic Equaliser
  • » Time alignment
  • » 2 preset memory (with DRC)
  • » Adjustable Crossover
  • » Optical Input (bit TenD)
  • » Digital Output (bit TenD)
  • » Dash Remote Control (optional on bit Ten)
  • » High Level input with signal summing
  • » Aux Input
  • » 5 Channel RCA output
  • » 5 Turn On options
  • » In/Out level adjustment
  • » Hands free input with audio mute

Doors and Tweeters

The APSP Golf 7 kit that was fitted in our demo car before this upgrade, was specially designed to use the OEM rear door speakers and the OEM front tweeters to blend perfectly with the upgraded front speakers and the rear sub.

With our new install we have replaced the OEM rear speakers with the Audison AP6.5’s that were fitted in the front doors from the APSP G7 kit. The rear speakers get their sound from the original head unit.

We then fitted a set of Audison VOCE AV6.5 in the front doors and a set of Audison AV1.1 tweeters in place of the OEM tweeters. Each speaker and tweeter is connected to its own separate channel on the amp. The sub in the boot then uses the last of the 5 channels.

  • » Power Handling:100 W Continuous Power 200 W Peak Power
  • » Frequency Response 50 � 7k Hz
  • » Sensitivity 91 dB/Spl
  • » Magnet Material: High density flux ferrite
  • » Dome:Cotton Fibre pressed paper with Light Damping treatment
  • » Size mm (in.) 165 (6.5)
  • » Peak Power Handling 210Watts Continuous 70Watts
  • » Impedance 4 Ohm
  • » Frequency Response 60Hz – 5KHz
  • » Magnet size mm 85 x 40 x 15
  • » D x h (in.) (3.35 x 1.57 x 0.59)
  • » Weight of one speaker kg (lb) 0.78 (1.72)
  • » Voice Coil � mm (in.) 32 (1.26)
  • » Power Handling: Hi-pass filtered 2.0 kHz @ 12 dB Oct. 180 W Peak Power
  • » Frequency Response 1.2k � 22k Hz
  • » Sensitivity 92 dB/Spl
  • » Magnet Material: Neodymium
  • » Dome Material: Tetolon fibre

Sound Deadening

We used Skinz Pro 2mm sound deadening material to eliminate any vibration from the doors and in the boot

We also added wave diffusers behind each speaker to cancel out any sound waves passing back through the speakers causing distortion.

Find our blog on why sound deadening is essential for a top quality audio install here

The end result

All these components combined have created a unique looking install with amazing sound and quality. Check out the video below to see how our demo Golf looks now. Better yet, why not come down and have a listen yourself?

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