An industry-first from Kicker – the KEY Smart Amplifier. This game-changing proprietary design brings concert-like audio to your vehicle. Drastically improve the sound quality of either factory or aftermarket door speakers. The self-calibrating DSP technology in this compact, powerful 4 channel amplifier will acoustically correct your system. Your customer will get an enormous improvement in realism and soundstage – all at the press of a button!

The KEY Smart Amplifier brings professional level processed audio quality, previously only available for big-budget systems, to the mainstream. The most affordable leap in in-car entertainment for any non-amplified system. Unlock your vehicle’s potential with Kicker KEY Technology.





Introducing the KEY smart amplifier – An extremely small & powerful 4 channel amp with built in DSP.

Don’t just make your system louder – make it clearer, make it better…

Once the included microphone is placed near ear level, start the ‘pink noise’ track and then it’s as simple as pressing the KEY activation button. The system detects speaker sizing, applies a 24dB crossover and 40 channels of equalization, applies time alignment and customizes the gain levels of each channel independently.

The Key activation button

The KEY activation button is a multi-function button attached to the included microphone that will begin the Auto setup process, you can toggle between optimized audio and the original audio once the auto set up process has been completed.

The true potential of the vehicle’s sound system is revealed in a matter of seconds, delivering dramatic improvements in realism and soundstage without the need for expensive external processors or personal tuning time.

The concert quality of your factory stereo is revealed! What would take hours for a professional to achieve happens in a matter of minutes. All automatically. All with the press of a single button.

In addition to an unbelievable sound quality, the KEY180.4 delivers 180 watts of pumpin’ power to your factory speakers. At KICKER, we know power and clarity always go hand-in-hand.

Measuring less than eight inches long and only two inches high, the KEY180.4 fits nearly anywhere. Mount it behind your radio, under the seat, or in your trunk with ease.

The KEY180.4 is one of the first amps fully compatible with newer vehicles using start-stop systems. The amplifier also features FIT2™ (Fail-Safe Integration Technology), providing compatibility with nearly every stock and aftermarket radio on the road today.

If the temperature reaches the threshold, the KEY180.4’s dynamic power-management algorithms kick into gear! Instead of hearing the amplifier’s volume “pumping” or blowing a fuse – KEY technology engages a nearly inaudible limiter/compressor, applied only to the peaks of the music for as little as milliseconds at a time. The amplifier quickly cools, which deactivates the compressor. Music returns to its full dynamic range without a moment’s interruption!


– 180 Watts Of Power (45×4)
– Auto EQ Microphone With Selector Switch Included
– Compatible with Start/Stop Vehicle Technology
– Turn On Via Remote 12v Signal Or DC Offset
– Auto 40-Band Equalizer
– Bi-Amp Capability (Defeatable)
– Auto Compressor (Defeatable)
– Kicker EQ Preset (Defeatable)
– Auto Time Alignment (Defeatable)
– Auto Gain Adjustment
– Auto Speaker Size Detection
– 24dB Crossovers
– 60/180/120Hz High Pass Filter (Defeatable)